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Words by Christopher Kevin Au // Image by Caitlin Medcalf


Sydneysider GLO is no stranger to the stage or the spotlight, having danced and choreographed for artists like Sampa The Great and Sophiegrophy. Over the past few months, we’ve also seen brief bits of her microphone abilities, whether it be footage of intimate performances (via blurry Instagram stories) or opening for Milan Ring’s Step Back tour earlier this year. Since then, we’ve been holding out for her first official release, and now it’s finally here in the form of ‘Self Love’ featuring Saskia.

‘Self Love’ is sombre yet defiant, a song that discusses rising above a broken relationship. GLO’s delivery is calming and confident, especially when lines like “Ain't new to disappointment though/Rain wash away the pain, I'm getting good at letting go” are delivered at a rapid pace over the slow-motion, spacey instrumental.

Saskia’s verse takes a more melodic route and offers a smooth contrast to GLO’s more direct delivery, adding to the rapping/singing dynamic that dominates ‘Self Love’. GLO describes the track as “a vulnerable tune that gets you in the feels, but the beat makes you wanna bop to it, so it's a win-win.” Consider this the soundtrack to your next solo slow-dance in the pouring rain.

‘Self Love’ features a familiar cast of names: Mohi (who produces for Naeem and drums for Rebecca Hatch) made the beat, while Xiro (who works closely with Kwame, Kymie & Mozaick Records) mixed and mastered the project. Keys and co-production comes courtesy of Benjamin Freeman, who toured with Jonti and the Stones Throw clique in 2018. It’s a noteworthy first release, and given GLO’s background in dance and performance, we can imagine that she’ll be a stellar live act in the months to come. Listen to ‘Self Love’ below, and stay tuned for the music video which is set to release soon:

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