Special Thanks goes to Draino, who inspired this site based upon his work with the Oz/Rap Cella. Thanks to Mark Pollard, who also inspired this site with his work in Stealth Magazine and is an immense source of information. Blaze, Tony Mitchell and more…

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Our site is the Australian Hip Hop Directory and we try to provide a wide coverage of everything happening within the scene, including News, Releases and Tours.

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AUD’$ Facebook –
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Beers, Beats & The Biz YouTube Channel –
BodyBagMedia YouTube Channel –
Complex FaceBook –
Event Finda –
FBi Radio Sydney –
Filter Zine Website –
HappyMag Website –
Highsnobiety Website –
Junkee Website –
Noise11 Website –
Off The Clef Facebook –
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Oz Hip Hop Shop Website –
Pilerats Facebook –
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Pitchfork Website –
Rappfox Website –
Rawlab Radio
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Streaming Charts Facebook –
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The AU Review Website –
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The Lesson on Fresh 92.7
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The Source Website –
The Underground Australia Website –
Tone Deaf Website –
Triple J Hip Hop Show Website –
Triple J Music News Website –
Vice Website –
Whats Lively Facebook –
XXL Mag Website –

…..more info, credits & links coming soon.


A complete list of Australian Hip Hop Emcees, Crews and Djs. 

We also have a News Section which features all the latest News, New Music, Podcasts, Tours & more….

This site has not been officially launched yet and is being updated daily with heaps of work to do.

So much SPAM nowadays and the Rap Cella has been discontinued, Stealth Magazine has gone, Obese isn’t the same, is hardly used anymore, Triple J is to diversified and all the social media groups have become over run with SPAM.

It shouldn’t be a chore for the average Australian Hip Hop Fan to keep up to date! 

This website brings it all into one place.

“Facebook doesn’t give a fuck about musicians. Musicians are bad customers.” Facebook realizing their core market is businesses that will advertise regularly.

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“Streaming music is effectively a zero-sum game between competitors due to lack of differentiation in catalogs, with relatively little or no proprietary original content” –

“The music industry is an oligopoly that enforces rigid deal parameters across all on-demand services, sometimes through arguably anticompetitive means like most favored nations clauses,”


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